With the latest pandemic, certainly all HR professionals are encountering major problems in withstanding this battle with Covid-19 no matter what line of business they work in, they have been taking decisions to protect their staff, and ease the already stressful work environment affected by the virus. And now, that the pandemic has slowed down, HR professionals are still facing multiple problems that are universal in every human resources department. We will list 3 major problems every HR team faces and how to solve them effectively and with little to no cost.

1-Manual Work

And when we say manual work, we mean still doing payroll and attendance manually and offline, nearly every company now needs the internet to make things easier and better for their workflow, yet many still stick to the traditional ways refusing to follow up with the rest of the world and going online, either internally or externally. Papers are subject to getting torn, lost, or burnt, and they’re costly. Working manually consumes time and effort that is better used for other tasks. On top of this, it can also lead to human error.

How to Fix it? By simply moving online! There are many systems and applications today more than ever, systems for recruitment, systems for payroll and other tasks (The best Payroll solution that every company should adopt!), and other systems for attendance. We suggest you choose the best system that works best for you and your corporation, and if you need help, our experts here at CODERS can assist you with finding your solution. Some of you might be familiar with Microsoft’s 365 programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can start there and move up the latter with time.

2-Employee Benefits, Tax, and Compliance Calculation

Many employees have changed jobs and career paths in the last year because of the pandemic. Many people were forced to find new jobs with companies that understood their needs.

Employee benefits have always been a top priority for HR professionals. Benefits are vital in helping companies attract and retain top talent.

While many small businesses can’t offer a ton of unique benefits to set them apart from the competition, they can offer more flexibility in the workplace to ensure their employees have a better work-life balance.

Tax and compliance usually change and thus making sure you’re adhering to all relevant laws in your operation area is quite the challenge for most HR teams. Failing to fully comply with laws and regulations can lead to serious consequences for companies, including audits, lawsuits, and even bankruptcy.

How to Fix it? Concerning employee benefits, we suggest you discuss this manner with the higher management in your company and set a standard compensation and benefits plan for employees within their departments and field of work. But with taxes and regulations you should always be updated on the new rules and regulations; consulting a legal expert would be considered a good start, but you have to continue with it. And the best and easiest way to stay updated is to work on software that is always up to date with the rules and calculations of taxes within your country, and if you work with a global country with many different legalities and currencies, you need a global solution for your payroll.


Your staff love payday. In most cases, they rely on it to happen promptly.

Whether you pay them weekly, monthly, or on a different schedule altogether, it’s vital that they receive their correct wages at the agreed time. Failure to pay on time is a breach of their employment contract, and employees could bring forward a tribunal claim for unauthorized deduction from wages.

The accounting team should be responsible for the processing of payroll, but it’s up to HR to keep records and instruct them on how much to pay.

How to fix it? Use payroll software to keep track of all wages, and make sure everyone receives payment on time. In addition, make sure your staff can view your company policies regarding salaries, bonuses, etc. Always keep policies in the company handbook, and email staff the handbook when they join the business.

Do you need a payroll solution that has proven its efficiency in helping great leader companies across the middle east?

PayDay is a global payroll solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It helps streamline activities and integrates payroll with associated business processes.

It’s easy to use and provides a simple interface that is easy to understand, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business.


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