Finding the right business intelligence software for your company can be a very intriguing and difficult task. In this article, we share with you some of the things you should consider when choosing the solution and when choosing Microsoft Power BI is good for your business. 


What is business intelligence (BI) software?

Business Intelligence tools are application software, involved in collating and processing unstructured data from external and internal systems. The results obtained from Business Intelligence tools help:


  1. Increase operational efficiency, 
  2. Identify market trends, 
  3. Target new revenue potentials, 
  4. And identify new business opportunities.

Business Intelligence tools like Power BI are generally used for business reporting of data and simple querying of results, but they can also combine various data analysis applications like OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), Cloud and software as a service (SaaS) Business Intelligence, real-time Business Intelligence, and location intelligence to name a few. 


How to evaluate business intelligence software?

When choosing a business intelligence software, you should take into account these 10 criteria:

  1. Data visualization
  2. Deployment
  3. Complex data handling capacity
  4. Functionality
  5. Integration
  6. Programming tools support
  7. User interface
  8. Support and community
  9. Features
  10. Cost

What is Microsoft Power BI?


Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool developed by Microsoft that offers various data modeling capabilities such as data discovery, data preparation, and data visualization using interactive data analytics dashboards. Power BI helps you make data-driven decisions by providing an environment for the analysis, integration, and visualization of data. Whether you are a non-technical user or advanced data analyst and business intelligence professional, Power BI provides an easy-to-use interface for end-users to create their own Reports and Dashboards. You can leverage this combination to extract data from various Cloud and Legacy systems and build Dashboards that track the most important metrics to you and your business. 


If you are confusing Microsoft BI and Power BI, the main difference relies in the deployment: Power BI is a cloud-based software and is hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed through a web browser, whereas MSBI is an on-premise software installed locally, on a company’s own computers and servers.

What are some of the benefits of Microsoft Power BI?



  • Automate your time consuming tasks: Forget static presentations and Excel spreadsheets. Microsoft Business Intelligence tools eliminate the endless amount of columns & rows and facilitate the automation of processes. You can create Microsoft Power BI dashboards with real-time data or interactive presentations.
  • Economize on Business costs: Improve your time to market and reduce your business costs by enabling faster analysis, planning, and reporting processes for customer behavior analysis, sales planning, and real-time optimization. This increased efficiency not only allows you to save money but also to make more profitable adjustments. 
  • Identify the likelihood of future outcomes: Use Microsoft Business Intelligence tools forecast engines to generate actionable insights for future scenarios. This helps your company adjust current strategies to deliver the best possible results. 

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