Furniture is an essential part of daily life, and in Lebanon, Trends stands as one of the premier furniture retailers, offering a selection of over 15 European brands. Facing challenges that impeded their growth and customer satisfaction, Trends sought the expertise of Coders Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, to leverage the full capabilities of ERP NAV. Let’s delve into the transformative journey that reshaped Trends’ business practices and elevated customer satisfaction.

Challenges Faced by Trends: Trends encountered critical issues that hindered their development and impacted client fulfillment. The lack of support from their previous partner, financial struggles, a slow system plagued by bugs, and inefficient customization were among the challenges outlined by Mr. Chaker, CFO of Trend SAL.

Solution: In search of a reliable and knowledgeable partner, Trends found a solution in Coders, who seamlessly integrated ERP NAV to address these challenges. Through comprehensive discovery sessions, Coders understood Trends’ specific requirements and tailored ERP NAV solutions accordingly. The implementation was executed meticulously, ensuring minimal disruption to Trends’ ongoing operations. The collaboration between the two companies evolved into a robust partnership as they aimed for continuous improvement.

Testimonial: Mr. Chaker, CFO of Trend SAL, acknowledged the impact of Coders Solutions: “All problems were solved with the help of the team at Coders, who were always moving forward and very helpful. They helped us enhance our system the way we wanted it.”

Goals and Achievements: The adoption of ERP NAV solutions and collaboration with Coders brought about significant changes for Trends:

  1. Sales & Marketing Excellence: Streamlined contact management, sales campaign execution, and automated sales-related tasks enhanced sales and marketing processes.
  2. Greater Business Control: ERP NAV provided personalized access to tasks and information based on individual roles within the company. Transparent transaction and audit trails were achieved through connected systems and shared data.
  3. Boosting Margins: Quick and informed decision-making improved cash flow, enabling a focus on the most profitable goods and services. Predictive research identified top customers for new sales opportunities, and automatic application of special prices and promotions increased customer loyalty.

The success of Trends showcases the transformative impact of Coders Solutions and ERP NAV (Microsoft Dynamincs 365 Business Central) technologies on an organization. By addressing challenges, integrating cutting-edge technologies, and fostering customer engagement, Trends achieved outstanding results. If you aspire to embark on a similar digital transformation journey towards success, contact us today.