ERP for production management

With BatchPro™ as your business partner, you are assured flexible and effective solutions.

The flexible ERP system from CODERS® performs various production processes and management functions for manufacturing, including production orders, bills of materials, supply and capacity planning demand, and thus streamlines and optimizes business operations.
BatchPro™ has a flexible process configuration and integrated information platform. Therefore, you can make your commitments to your customers accurate, you can respond more quickly to urgent order requirements and accept more orders from your customers. In that way, you can keep yourself ahead of your competition and ensure your business grow and prosper.

Production Management

  • Improve coordination in accordance with the requirements of production orders
  • Make it easier to make production purchasing decisions
  • Change bills of material orders and methods for flow in relation to customers’ requests

Bill of Materials Management

  • Integration of diversified and customized bills of materials
  • Function to cuts in production and mass production timely
  • Create, track and run different versions of bills of materials and processes

Planning Tools

  • According to the Gantt Diagram Model, production becomes easier to plan and manage
  • Plan a flexible schedule

More Features

Meet needs of customers through the timely handling exceptions and emergency orders

  • Optimize planning based on sales orders, production orders and purchase requests
  • Support the calculation of multiple stored operating condition and operating plan
  • Keep material costs to date and support each step
  • Analyze your sales figures from different perspectives
  • Compare actual sales analysis
  • Support the demand for cooperation and planning with multiple stakeholders