Automate Effortlessly with Power Automate

Streamlining Business Processes with Microsoft Power Automate: AI-Driven Automation Solutions

Microsoft Power Automate is a tool that helps you automate and optimize business processes. It offers AI features, Desktop flows (RPA), Cloud flows (DPA), Task and process mining, and Orchestration. Power Automate can be used to automate processes across nearly unlimited systems, desktop apps, and websites using AI, digital, and robotic process automation. It allows you to streamline approval processes, innovate document automation, and drive data-driven business automation.

Power Automate provides a way to connect your apps with Microsoft 365, Power BI, Microsoft Graph, and cognitive services to get rich insights and AI-powered solutions.

Key Features of Microsoft Power Automate

Use cases: Systems of record, work, and collaboration

Powerful governance made easier

Get more visibility and control with less effort. Govern at scale with Managed Environments.

SAP Procurement solution template

Quickly and easily set up solutions that carry out core purchasing processes.

Streamlined approval processes

Create, manage and share approval processes across your organization. Approve from anywhere with mobile support. 

Interoperation with Microsoft 365

Automate in Excel, OneDrive, or Teams without switching applications and interrupting your flow of work.

Innovative document automation

Easily set up robust document processigng with AI Builder. Power Automate, Power Apps, and Microsoft Dataverse.

Data-driven business automation

Connect to Power BI and kick off downstream workflows when your KPIs cross critical thresholds.