ERP solution for Luxury Brands

SuitUp™: Transform Customer Connections with Complete Views and Custom Profiling

Ensure a great customer experience

Overlook and maintain consumer relationships, the data, sales and engagements that go along with it.

360 degree customer view

Create records for overall buying attributes, personal & professional information, sales invoices, installments, social media links & much more.

Tailored customer profiling

Create detailed customer profiles including all purchase history details, interests, events and much more.

Elevate Customer Experience with this ERP Solution for Luxury Brands

  • Contact details
  • Duplicates search
  • Privacy permissions and signature
  • Customers list by sales assistant
  • Customer data, purchase list
  • Manage appointments, tasks, emails and phone calls.

Created detailed sales reports.

Activity Management

Phone Calls


Online Contact





Buy/Sell Pre-Owned or Vintage Items


Manage all your communications: 

Key Features

The waiting list feature allows your customers to sign up for a waiting list when products go out of stock. Our Solution will keep track of these
customers, and when an item goes back in stock, you can notify your customers that the product is available for purchase.

  • Profiling (Real, Invoice and Gift Customers)
  • Sales Invoices
  • Returned Invoices
  • Installments
  • Gift Cards
  • Detax
  • Purchase Details
  • Item Transfer
  • Item Change

All your customer service process is ready in our solution, so you can use the system as a foundation to serve your customers.

Our add-on manages the following:
• Profiling
• Case Management
• Work Orders
• Job Parts
• Spare parts orders and purchase procedures
• Surveys

With just a few clicks, you can learn estimated versus actual value for a fiscal period, the number of products sold based on specific collection, the number of new clients, and so on.

Here are some examples of goal management CRM:
• Revenue Goals for your sales reps
• Number of new Leads
• Revenue by collection
• Revenue by product family
• Number of Phone Calls or Appointments for sales

Marketing capabilities

Create custom segments based on your target audience (regional, demographic, activity-based etc.)

Manage all your campaigns from the CRM and track performance.

  • Pre-sales promotions.
  • Post-sales promotions – discounts and vouchers after buying a specific product or a category of products, cross-selling vouchers.
  • Recurring promos that are event-driven: happy birthday, welcome to the program, survey completed, consumer profile enrichment.
  • Instant promos for mobile consumption: in-store promotions, app actions, ecommerce driven actions and more.