Data is everywhere. The world contains a huge amount of data, an amount that grows larger and larger each day. With the increasing availability of data comes new challenges and opportunities as business leaders seek to gain important insights and transform information into actionable and meaningful results.Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool developed by Microsoft. It is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into organized, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

Microsoft Power BI provides you seamless integration with all Microsoft business apps and cloud services including Azure and Office 365, allowing you to stay connected with desired data anywhere, anytime. Its data visualizations enable you to interact with your data to find business insights, making it a powerful tool for reporting and analysis.

Allowing your organization to see not only what happened in the past and what’s happening in the present, but also what might happen in the future.

By consolidating and analyzing data, your organization can gain meaningful insights through visually engaging reports through charts and graphs.

These reports can then be used to daily business decision process, providing advanced analytics capabilities that allow removing of useful knowledge from data to solve business problems.

Microsoft Power BI is made of several apps, each with their own features and uses. These include:

  • Power Query, which enables data connection and transformation from multiple sources.
  • Power Pivot, a data modeling tool for creating data models.
  • Power View, a data visualization tool that produces interactive visuals such as charts, graphs, maps, and more.
  • Power Map, a visualization tool that allows the creation of immersive 3D visuals.
  • Power Q&A, which utilizes natural language processing to generate answers to data-related questions.

Viewing your Power BI dashboards and reports, spreadsheet, and SQL (Structured Query Language) servers that you can easily create charts, reports, and dashboards by directly working with a large amount of data.

Analysis turns your data into information, asking relevant questions about your data so that you draw the necessary knowledge to make a business decision and take actions that further your company’s strategy.

However, analyzing the data helps your organization to unlock the business potential hidden within your data, connecting to data sources, and bringing your data to life with live dashboards and interactive reports, all available on mobile and desktop.

By using Power BI, you can easily create charts, reports, and dashboards by directly working with a large amount of data, making analysis more efficient and effective. The tool is more user-friendly and easier to use than Excel, with visually appealing, interactive, and customizable dashboards.

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