The work environment, in general, has experienced some major challenges with the latest pandemic, employees are quitting their jobs at rates higher than ever, CEOs and HR managers are facing a lot of difficulties in retaining their most productive employees. But we’ve got your backs, here are a few ways you can start doing today in order to improve your work environment.


1-Enhance the Physical Environment

Your employees need to feel completely comfortable doing their jobs, moreover, they should feel happy working at offices that are well ventilated, have good lighting, and are decorated in a way that makes them feel relaxed and ready to be productive
Next time you consider moving or trying to renovate the office, get some advice from your most important asset, your people.

2-Embrace Your Employees

If you want to improve your work environment and move it to top levels, you must start appreciating your employees, either financial or emotional support would make your employees feel appreciated for their hard work and increase their productivity in ways you could’ve never imagined. One act of kindness will certainly make a huge difference in a person’s life. So always be communicative with your employees and lead them with kindness and support, not with anger and dominance.

3-Focus on Employee Retention

The employee retention rate is constantly decreasing. In August 2021, the total nonfarm quit rate increased 0.2 percentage points to 2.9 percent, the highest since data were first collected in December 2000. The number of quits in August rose by 242,000 to 4.3 million (Bureau of Labor Statistics page). So how should you avoid losing your active workers? Give them what they want! By always giving them opportunities to grow within the company and upgrade their skills through workshops and training, sharing their ideas together, and challenging themselves to improve in your company. 

4-Go Digital or Go Home!

We live in the digital world, right? So, why do we still neglect going digital in our offices? Well here’s how, imagine that instead of having to walk to the punching machine every day you open your phone and press check in and when you leave you press check out, imagine you don’t have to send a long email and wait for a reply and keep calling the responsible people instead you press one button on your app that’s backed up by Microsoft, talk about security and reliability right?!
You must engage with modern day technology in order to improve your work environment and make your employee’s lives easier, and we’ve created just that and it’s called StaffBit named after the people that matter most, your staff. 
Request your free demo from Coders, Microsoft Gold Partner Lebanon, of our latest application powered by Microsoft, and be one of the many that are improving their work environment!