About Us

About Us

CODERS® is a Microsoft Gold Partner that has been providing business solutions and Microsoft products to the region and global market since 1990

Our team is solemnly dedicated to provide businesses, local and foreign, with the Microsoft business management platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and a group of customizable enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps created specifically for each function and each domain, and is a result of the strategy of moving forward to create a brand and a team that is exclusively concerned with the business needs and the facilitation of companies operations and management of all sectors and sizes.

Why Coders?

CODERS® Pioneers Digital Transformation for Companies, Redefining Efficiency in Automation and Support

The reason behind the very existence of CODERS® is the sense that companies today, including EDM clients, are in need of a more dedicated staff and support teams that are fully available and professionally specialized in helping your company out with automation its day-to-day processes and efficiency.

We Listen

We are here to understand your business and translate your needs into real automated operations.

We Solve Problems

We help you harvest and analyze your data, run daily operations, connect all your team, increase your return on investment and save time.

We Are Flexible

We customize our pricing, plans and payment cycles based on your needs and your business size.

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