ERP for contracting

ContraMan™: Effortless Bidding: From Spreadsheets to Success in Seconds

Up until today, contractors participating in tenders would spend hours on end wrapping their brains around their Excel sheets and doing all sorts of calculations; taking into account operations management, cost control and profit margins. Now you can wave goodbye the endless sheets and algorithms, pens and papers too for the more old-school ones, as well as the days needed to flesh out a document that could be submitted as part of a tender.

Key Benefits

Our contracting software built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has undergone huge developments, it can carry out all types of calculations related to all sorts of operations and tasks required for a contracting project in a
very short amount of time. This includes:

Human resources and payroll


Bills of quantities


Time scopes


Cost calculations and procurement


Accounting and finance and much more

The Takeaway

This way, technology has proven once again that it is a game changer in all fields and industries. And so contractors can implement the entire operation with zero hassle thanks to a powerful, reliable and fast calculator regardless of the size of the project or its nature. With new features being added every year, including data analysis, forecasting tools and other marketing tools that will help the most tech-phobic user boost their sales and develop contracting business presence and image, this software is transforming contracting as we know it!