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To all business owners, managers, and data driven people, we introduce Microsoft Power BI! Your reporting companion.

Power BI is a reporting tool designed by Microsoft as the ultimate reporting platform for businesses worldwide.

Power BI is not just a reporting tool, it’s a life savior when you need your numbers fast. We understood how important it is for you to extract your data in the best form, so Power BI collects your data from any system or even from your Excel sheets, it then produces any report you need in any form you need whether it was a bar graph, Ven diagram, lineage, anything!

The best thing about Power BI is it’s wide variety of reports, here’s what it covers:

  • All finance and accounting reports
  • All warehousing, inventory, and logistics reports
  • All production and sales reports
  • E-commerce and marketing reports
  • HR and payroll reports
  • Much more!

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