UPO (Union Pharmaceutique d’Orient SAL), distributors of multinational companies including pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and laboratory products from all over the world, resolved their reporting problems with DataBoards, an ERP system built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by CODERS in Lebanon. 

Read Mr. Khaled Hammoud’s feedback on the experience in this mini-interview we have had with him. 

Client: UPO-Mr. Khaled Hammoud

Product: DataBoards

Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Life before DataBoards and Business Central was suffering, and time-consuming, we used to take a lot of time to complete simple tasks. We had to work on several systems to get the results we needed… we suffered a lot (laughing).

Statistics. All managers need reports, we needed a solution that gave us the reports we needed at the right time with minimum effort.

We looked up on the Internet and we asked many of our fellow managers in other companies with similar positions as ours. Started visiting companies and yours was one of them.

The board was hooked by the program you designed, and after several meetings internally, with your company, and after being referred by other companies that work with you, it was a unified decision from every department not just from the IT department to choose CODERS.

I would advise anyone to work with CODERS, you have the expertise in the industry, and anything we ask, we get. The relationship is strong regardless of the tough situation in Lebanon.