Your employees are your most valuable asset; without them, your company fails. To make your workplace more productive, you as an HR manager, CEO, and team leader should adopt a management style that makes your employees feel appreciated and heard. We know that it’s not easy to please everyone, but it’s possible to create an appealing environment for anyone. We are not only talking about the physical environment but also the emotional one and the digital one. In the times of the metaverse, your workplace should also indulge in the digital solutions available on the market that will enhance your work environment and employees’ well-being. 

So how are you drastically going to improve your work environment? Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Build a compensation system
Think of the challenge of developing a compensation strategy less in terms of a “right way and wrong way” and more in terms of what’s suitable for your team. Here are some suggestions to guide you along the way:
  1. Create an outline
  2. Appoint a compensation manager
  3. Create a compensation philosophy
  4. Rank jobs and place them within a matrix
  5. Develop grades for seniority within each job classification
  6. Settle on salaries and hourly rates of pay
  7. Complete necessary policies
  8. Get approval or buy-in from your company’s other leaders
  9. Develop a communication plan
  10. Monitor, so you can adjust or evolve as needed
Part of developing a compensation plan is ensuring it’s fair for all your employees. This does not only pertain to gender, culture, race, ethnicity, and so on, although that is part of it. We are also talking about the skill sets and experience that new team members bring to your company. (Source: BusinessNewsDaily)
Step 2: Listen and share
Make time to consult with employees about key decisions, but also make sure your staff generally feel they can share ideas and be valued. You could make a specific method or time for this to happen, or just foster a culture where no idea is too silly, and people feel comfortable that they can innovate safely.
Make it a two-way communication, share information with team members about what’s happening in the organization; encourage and facilitate the knowledge and skills-sharing culture.
Step 3: Not neglecting the wider workplace
Staff who work from home, commute as part of their job using company-owned vehicles, or make on-site visits to clients should not be forgotten in initiatives looking at improving the workplace. 
  • Where staff work from home, make sure risk assessments are completed and that employees have the appropriate equipment needed, such as proper desks and office-type chairs.
  • Make sure vehicles are replaced regularly, and kept well-maintained and smoke-free, particularly where they are shared amongst staff members.
  • Consider client sites as well, and although you cannot influence the working environment as such, staff should feel comfortable raising any concerns they may have with you, such as safety, access, or behavior.
Step 4: In a world that’s all digital, go digital!
You might be wondering how? We will tell you. StaffBit is one way to go digital in your workplace, and what is StaffBit? It’s an HR and attendance management application that can be installed on your mobile. It transforms your traditional attendance methods and other HR tasks into the digital, easy-to-use, and cost-effective world: the digital world. Powered by Microsoft and built with passion to solve your problems and your staff’s problems. 
Reliable and user-friendly, StaffBit will make your lives easier with its features such as attendance from the phone through geolocation, leave application and announcements, send/receive complaints, and an across-the-board reporting tool. Completely changing your work environment from traditional to digital makes you and your company look professional, fun, and trendy and makes your work environment the best it can be for your employees.


What to do next?

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